Langhe territory is an huge hilly area situated in the province of Cuneo; with its incredible landscape it is famous for its wines, chees and truffles. For these reasons Langhe were inscribed on UNESCO World Heritage list in 2014.

Primavera e Autunno; sono le stagioni che rendono imperdibile questo territorio.

E' in questi momenti che i colori diventano sgargianti, i cieli tersi e la vista sulla cerchia delle Alpi ci regala emozioni uniche


The goal is to meet the needs of different types of customers: cyclist and hikers. For the mountain bikers there are many options: you can choose full optional-trip, that includes rental e-bikes and their transfer, that gives you the possibility of visiting the remote places of this territory. If you have your own bike and you prefer to be more indipendent, we can pick you to the start and come get at the end of your trip. For the hikers, instead, a single-day trip are organized in every details. It is a good chance to discover this territory, its landscape, its food and wine to ensure a full and pleasant immersion. We also offer you the possibility to visit several castles and wine-cellars or walking through colourful vineyards.

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